chi sono / about


Sono una persona curiosa.
Amo i colori e le forme, nonché le relazioni. Tra le cose. Tra le persone.
Scrivo e dipingo alla ricerca di senso, che è significato e direzione.

Al momento lo faccio con la luce.
Anzi: fotografa.

I’m a curious person.
 I love colors, shapes and relationship. Between objects. Between people.

I write and I paint looking for a way – that is both direction and possibility.

At the moment, I’m writing and painting with light.
I’m a photographer. I’m a lightpainter.

I like it. I light it!

I’m a woman and I believe in women’s strength. 
I portray women in their gentle power, in their powerful gentleness.
I light up the world that spins around women, to tell a story of authenticity.

Of truth.